Thursday, 11 May 2017

Visits and the History and Birth Day Things

Jo and Fi on Mount Washington enjoying the fresh air and snow.
It's a good thing that the ladies decided to go up Mount Washington yesterday and not today as it's been raining off and on all morning. They had a great day yesterday. Both were pretty zonked when they got home.

You get the idea...

The puppies and I lazed around waiting for their safe return. Today, the puppies are off at the cleaners getting their summer haircuts. They won't be quite so shaggy when Lisa gets done with them. The ladies are upstairs having tea and chatting while I work on this. After I pick up the pups and if the weather improves a bit we may head down to 5th Street for a late lunch or just to wander around the shops.

Not sure what's up for tomorrow. The ladies might go down to Coombs and Qualicum Beach. I may too, or I'll stay here with the pups. Why plan anything, let the wind take us where it may. :)

Great Historical Events

My last excerpt yesterday was from1757, with war having been declared. So what's up now?? Trust me, this wasn't a very safe time to live in North America as a settler, I don't think.

"1757. Fort William Henry taken by the French. The Indians fall upon the retreating garrison and massacre the sick and wounded. Fifteen hundred were killed or carried captive into the wilderness.
1758. The British forces under Gen. Abercrombie numbered 50,000 men - the largest army that had ever been marshaled in America.
Peace with the Indians was secured between the Ohio River and the lakes.
George Washington elected to the Virginia House of Burgesses.
1759. Sept. 13. - Battle before Quebec, on the Plains of Abraham. Gen. Wolfe commanding the American forces, surprised and attacked the French army, under Montcalm, at break of day. A desperate battle was fought, during which, Wolfe and Montcalm were slain.
Sept. 18. - Surrender of Quebec.
1760. Montreal capitulates, and the French surrender Canada.
1763. Feb. 10 - France surrenders all her possessions in North America, east of the Mississippi, to great Britain.
Canada ceded to England by France.
Feb. 10. - Peace concluded between the English and French at Paris."

Next excerpt will start with Chief Pontiac, the inventor of the automobile.. er... well, maybe not quite.

Business Laws Briefly Stated

Everything you thought you knew or didn't want to know about business practices and rules back in the day.

"The holder of a note may give notice of protest to all the previous indorsers, or to only one of them. In the latter case, he should select the last indorser, and the last should give notice to the last before him, and so on through. (Ed. Note. Huh??) Each indorser must send notice the same day or the day following. Neither Sunday nor any legal holiday is counted in reckoning time in which notice is to be given. (Ed. Note. I wonder what legal holidays were celebrated back when this book was published?)
If a letter containing a protest or non-payment be put into the post office, any miscarriage does not affect the party giving notice. Notice of protest may be sent either to the place of business or to the residence of the party notified.
If two or more persons, as partners, are jointly liable on a note or bill, notice to one of them is sufficient.
The loss of a note is not sufficient excuse for not giving notice of protest.
The finder of negotiable paper, as of all other property, must make reasonable efforts to find the owner, before he is entitled to appropriate it to his own benefit. If the finder conceal it, he is liable to the charge of larceny or theft."

Well, there you go, the past excerpts and this last one should provide you with all you need to know about Business laws. No?? Next entry, I'll move on to Science of Common Things, where we'll discuss things like; Why do we breathe? or How does breathing purify the blood?... etc.. Exciting eh?

The Birth Day Thing 10 November 1976

US Billboard #1 Single 10 November 1976

Rock'n Me by Steve Miller Band. The Steve Miller Band formed in 1966 in San Francisco. (I didn't realise they were together for so long.) They were best known for a string of hits in the mid-70s. The Joker was their first US #1 and Rock'n Me their 2nd. It's a truly great song.

UK #1 Single 10 November 1976

Mississippi by Pussycat. Pussycat were a Dutch country / pop music band. Mississippi was their first of 2 UK #1 singles. I've never heard of Pussycat before, I don't think.

New York Times #1 Fiction Best Seller 10 November 1976

Sleeping Murder by Agatha Christie. The Sleeping Murder was Agatha Christie's last novel. She died in January 1976. The novel was published posthumously. In the past few years, I've begun exploring Christie's works and am glad that I've still got so many to get through as I have enjoyed them all so far.

Pulitzer Prize Winner 1976

Humboldt's Gift by Saul Bellow. Humboldt's Gift was Canadian / American author, Bellow's, 8th novel. The only work of his that I have ever read was Henderson, The Rain Man from 1959. It was a very long time ago when I read it, back in my university days. I liked the humour and story-telling. Maybe someday, I'll try another of his works.

Nobel Laureate 1976

Saul Bellow (USA). How convenient that the same year he won the Pulitzer Prize, Saul Bellow was also selected as the Nobel Laureate. Bellow was born in Lachine, Quebec in 1915 and died in Brookline, Massachusetts in 2005. He won the Nobel Laureate for 'the mixture of rich picaresque novel and subtle analysis of our culture, of entertaining adventure, drastic and tragic episodes in quick succession interspersed with philosophic conversation, all developed by a commentator with a witty tongue and penetrating insight into the outer and inner complications that drive us to act, or prevent us from acting, and that can be called the dilemma of our age.'

Hugo Award Winner 1976

The Forever War by Joe Haldeman. I have not read this Science Fiction novel but based on the award, I checked it out and found the synopsis interesting enough that I recently purchased it. Haldeman is an American writer born in 1943 who has been writing since 1972.

The novel is a military science fiction story telling of the battle between Earth and the Taurans. There are other novels which make up The Forever War series:
- The Forever War
- Forever Free
- A Separate War (a short story)

I'm looking forward to delving into the novel.

Edgar Award Winner 1976

Hopscotch by Brian Garfield. Hopscotch tells the story of a CIA field agent who leaves the agency rather than be retired to a desk and invites the agency to pursue him by writing a tell-all exposé. It was turned into a movie in 1980 starring Walter Matthau in the lead role.

Garfield is an American writer born in 1939 and might be best known for writing Death Wish, which was turned into a movie starring Charles Bronson, and followed with 4 sequels.

Man Booker Prize Winner 1976

Saville by David Storey. In Saville, English writer, David Storey, tells the tale of a young boy growing up in a Yorkshire mining village during World War II and the post-war years.

Storey lived from 1933 - 2017 and was a screen writer, novelist, playwright and professional rugby player. Amongst many works, he is also known for This Sporting Life.

So there you go, another year done. Almost time to go pick up the puppies. I'm sure they'll be thrilled to get home. :)

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