Monday, 6 February 2017

More snowy pictures!

Mr. Robin enjoying the free food
Just a quickie this morning. I've been sitting in the study enjoying watching this young fella as he perches on the stump outside, enjoying himself/ herself? with the grub I've been putting out for our local birdies. He's not a very generous guy as he keeps pushing the smaller sparrow off. Luckily for them, I've also sprinkled seed at the base of the tree and also under some shrubs in the back yard.

Yesterday we had a respite from our 3 days of snow. But it is cool enough that is not going to go away any time soon.

Pondering the strange crop (snow) circles (lines) that appeared on his driveway overnight!
I shovelled out the driveway last Sunday morning and haven't had to since. The dogs even enjoyed going for their walks yesterday as for the most part, the neighbourhood had shovelled the sidewalks so we weren't plowing through sticky snow and they didn't need to get their feet washed every time the left the house.

It's very pretty but I'm still awaiting the huge lumps of snow that are hanging on for dear life to the mighty pines that surround our neighbourhood. If the wind picks up, we'll be hearing thuds and crashes all day long. I think one of the neighbours had a large branch crash down onto his sidewalk yesterday as I saw him trying to drag it free.

The view from the bedroom over the garage
It's snowing a bit again this morning but for a change the snow seems dry and light. Last night, even with Super Bowl coverage keeping the other American networks from showing anything of interest, we, at least, had some excellent shows to watch on PBS. New episodes of Victoria and Season starts of Father Brown and The Coroner. They were all excellent and enjoyable to watch. And to end the evening, we watched the Swedish Wallander, sub-titled. It has been such a find and each episode seems to get even better than the last one.

Anyway, enough for now. More about books and such in future posts. Have a great week!

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