Sunday, 5 February 2017

House Renos Update and other miscellany

Since Friday morning, it has pretty well been snowing non-stop. I know that back east this is probably nothing, but I CAME OUT HERE TO ESCAPE THIS STUFF! :0) It's been heavy, heavy snow at times. The plows have been doing yeoman work. They've probably been in our little crescent and development 3 or 4 times since Friday. I'm so impressed how they are staying ahead of it all. When I took the dogs out this morning, during a respite, he was cleaning up our area again.

The missus took a video yesterday after I'd just finished shovelling our drive and the neighbours and the snow started up all over. OK, I admit it, we're kind of soft here on the West Coast. But it is difficult to shovel when you just want to throw on your shorts and t-shirt.

Here you go one last snowy photo from yesterday and then I'll move on to our ongoing house renovations.

So last I talked about it, I showed some of the photos of the work that Spinning Compass, aka Vicky and Jay, were doing on our extra bedroom over the garage. The work is almost done there now. We've still got some painting to do; another coat on the ceiling, touch up the built-ins and the bit that links the panelling with the ceiling. Hoping the new carpet will be in by then so we can get that installed and then it's just a matter of moving the furniture back in and stocking the shelves.

After that Vicky and Jay freshened up the skylight at the top of the stairs. (I borrowed this picture from Spinning Compasses Facebook page as it is a great shot.). Basically, the added trim around the skylight itself, installed bead board, trimmed the bottom bit and added a fresh coat of paint. It looks so much better. This wasn't an easy job for Jay. There are so many weird angles and he did it all perched on a ladder at the top of the stairs. It looks so nice coming up the stairs now and seeing it.

Their most recent work has been in the Study (where I'm currently resting my derriere). When we moved in, back in 2003, we took down some awful wallpaper, painted the walls and the ceiling and installed a new ceiling light. The ceiling never looked right. It was a popcorn ceiling and in the past, the tub in the bathroom upstairs had leaked and stained and cracked the ceiling. Nothing we did could get rid of that crack and stain.

Let me backtrack a bit. This is what the study looked like before the previous owners moved out. You can see the wallpaper. It took a bit to get it down.

We made the changes I mentioned above and moved in our furniture after our upgrades. This what it looked like when we first moved into it.

We've reorganised the shelves a few times, bought a nice comfy chair and, as part of a major renovation, replaced the windows. But that ceiling was always a sore point. That's where Vicky and Jay came in.

Once Jo and they came up with the plan for the ceiling, she and I moved most of the furniture (except the bookshelves) and desk out of the room. All the breakable items off the shelves, pictures and wall lights were moved into the dining room. Good thing we have these extra rooms.. lol.

This is one final close-up of the ceiling, showing what I mean about the stain.

So Jay and Vicky got to work, removed the ceiling light and put up the new ceiling.

They finished by replacing the light and Jo and I painted the new ceiling to cover the nail marks and scuffs. We're still in the process of moving everything back in, but we should finish that in the next day or so. While I love the built-ins in the extra bedroom, every job has seemed to just get better. Jo loves this ceiling and I really can see why. I'll add some pictures once we get the room completely back together.

Next up will be some work we want to get done in the front hallway and stairs to the 2nd floor. More panelling and new baseboards are the order of the day. For the next couple of weeks though, we want to finish setting up the bedroom over the garage and the study.

So it is coming along nicely. I'm looking forward to seeing what the rooms all look like when we're done. Next BLog will be back to discussing books. Hey, hey, hey!!

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