Saturday, 7 January 2017

Reno Update - The Work Continues

The panelling looks fantastic
In my last post I updated the work being done in our extra bedroom (the room above the garage). On Thursday, Jay and Vicky came over to do the panelling on the walls and the crown moulding. You can see how it's transforming the room. It makes it look richer in texture and more homey.

More substantial floorboards, trim around the two cubbies at the end.
Jo and I painted the panelling and crown moulding in advance to help speed up the work. It's already making the room look brighter.

The ceiling finally looks white!! (It's always seemed to be brown no matter what we've done)
The crown moulding also adds a nice quality, makes everything more substantial. You can also see in the bottom corner of this photo, the slightly wider trim around the door. Vicky and Jay have done a wonderful job, very methodical in their work.

Bonnie recommends the black, but then again what does she know, she sees everything in black and white.
So what do we have left to do in the room? Well, we do still have to finish all the wall and book shelf painting, although I id try to persuade Jo that the walls, with the bits of blue, white and yellow could be a nice sky scene.... you know, clouds, blue sky with the sun peeping through. Unfortunately, she didn't buy my idea. We had the lady over from one of our local flooring stores and picked the rugs we want for the extra bedroom and, at the same time, for the family room as it's taken a bit of a beating over the past 15 years since we had it installed. The carpeting will be installed once the work is all done.

The next project, the skylight
Jay and Vicky will continue to use the extra bedroom as their work shop as they finish the other projects. We also use it to paint the wood being used. We've added a couple of other projects since they started.

Bead board for the skylight
First will be the skylight at the top of the stairs. When we had new windows installed back a few years, we also replaced the old skylight. We've always thought it was a bit of an unfinished project as the trim on the inside was kind of worn and shabby. Jo has always toyed with the idea of replacing the trim with something a bit more substantial and adding bead board to the walls that lead up to the skylight. So that's the project. The bead board is now in the bedroom and yesterday Jo and I painted the first three pieces. We'll finish painting today and it'll be ready for installation on Monday.

So there you go, the latest instalment. everything is looking great and we're very pleased and happy with the work. Can't wait to see how it'll all look once we finish painting and get the new carpet in and then move back the furniture. I'd guess it'll be sometime in February. More updates to follow as we continue to progress.

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