Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Reno Update and Some Xmas Book Purchases

What it looked like before we bought it.
Just back from my morning run. It was definitely frosty but at least there was no wind like the other day. The carpenters are coming back today to continue working in the extra bedroom. There have been a few changes since my last Blog entry on it. As a reminder, the picture above is what it looked like for the previous owners.

We made some changes
We made a few changes, like putting in new lights, getting rid of the dark blue, obviously changing the furniture. We like the room and it is normally the one we use for visitors. It's a nice cozy room with probably the best views.

The changes started in December
So just before Christmas, our contractors, Vicky and Jay of Spinning Compass began work in the room. The first part was to install built-in book shelves at the window end. Jo and I started painting, preparing the lumber and beginning to paint the walls and ceilings.

The shelves are in
By the week before Christmas the shelves were installed and I have to say, they look pretty darn good. After that we took a break for Christmas and New Years, but as of this morning, they'll be back to begin installing the crown moulding and new trim.

Another perspective
Jo and I spent the last few days painting the materials that will be used for the moulding, also adding more paint to the walls, the ceilings and the shelves. That's not finished yet. You can see that we plan to paint the upper part of the wall some shade of yellow. Jo just hasn't found the right shade yet. :) and then once the moulding and trim is done, we'll get new carpet laid in the room. So more to follow as the work progresses. But it's looking real good so far.

Book Stuff

The Jane Austen Collection
On to books. Both Jo and I ordered each other some things on line for Christmas. Unfortunately, they didn't arrive before the day arrived. The Book Depository had special editions of the Jane Austen collection for sale. They had lovely covers and it is Jo's favourite series of books. You can see how colourful and nicely designed the books are. She was very happy with them. Now what to do with the other editions we have.. :)

Inspector Frost
One of the items that Jo ordered me arrived last week as well. I've read all of the Inspector Frost books but A Killing Frost and I haven't been able to find it in my local stores. It's amazing to me how a book series of just five books became a TV series that lasted 18 years and spanned 42 episodes. I'm looking forward to reading, even though I'll also be sad to finish such a good series.

I also purchased a couple of colouring books. I don't really care if she colours them. They just look very nice. We saw this Scandinavian artists book in The Book Depository listings but I was lucky to find it at The Laughing Oyster downtown.

Jo noticed this book the same day I'd purchased the Scandinavian book and thought it was kind of neat. So she now has something else to play with when she's in the mood. Maybe once we've got the craft room set up upstairs, it'll give her some incentive and inspiration to work on them.

So there you go, now I'd better go wake up Jo before the contractors show up and then move the car out of the garage so they've got a place to set up their tools. Take care and more to follow.

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