Thursday, 15 December 2016

Home Renos (aka New Book shelves)

The Future is Now
Over the past few years, since Jo and I bought our house in Comox, we've basically updated every room in the house, with the probably exception of the extra bedroom over the garage. We have done some work on it; put in a new ceiling light, new drapes and started to repaint it. But other than that, we've basically set it up for visitors to use, especially since it's one of the nicest rooms in the house and is a comfortable bedroom.

The previous ownership
This was the room we inherited. I was on a course back in Ontario when Jo found this house. We had planned to have a house built for us and the day she was going to the meeting to sign the papers for that work to be done, our agent mentioned this house to her. Jo postponed the meeting and on the Saturday went to an open house for our future home. She took some photos so she could show me, on my return and after a brief phone call with me, she put in our successful offer on this house. As you can see, the previous owners had the room set up for their children. You can see how big it is.

Already moving furniture out
We don't seem to have taken many pictures of the room with furniture in. But we had done some painting, added a nice closet that we had purchased at a local auction, a queen size bed, bookshelves and easy chairs to make the room comfortable.

Previous work, our inspiration for the Bedroom
Anyway, to continue with my story, a couple of months ago, Jo and I decided to treat ourselves to a bit of a Xmas present and get some work done in this room and also in our den. A few years back, we had hired a local man to build and install built-in bookshelves in our lounge. It really was a triumph and is one of the nicest rooms in the house now. So that was something I'd been lobbying for in the room over the garage; probably ad nauseum. But I finally wore Jo down and we agreed it would be a nice idea to have built-ins built and installed on either side of the window. As well, we thought it would be great to extend and deepen the window seat and also have panelling added along the length of the room and update the floor boards and such. When this work is done, we'll have new carpeting laid and finish painting the room. So, we're kind of excited about the prospect.

What's going on here?
So with that plan under our belt, Jo began the process of hiring the carpenters to do the work. We kind of liked all the people who showed up to look at the job and quote for the work. We ended up hiring a young couple who had moved here from Ontario, Vicky and Jay of Spinning Compass. They impressed us and we thought it would be worthwhile to give them a try.

I'm what is known as 'cheap labour'.
So, everything was now on track. Jo worked out the lumber requirements with them. We arranged to go to the local Home Depot to pick the wood and order it. This, of course, coincided with our first major snow fall, so even the drive to the store was a fun event.

Wood, wood and more wood!
Wood all arranged, Vicky and Jay picked it up Monday, did some basic cuttings at their shop and delivered it this past Monday. Of course, this meant that Jo and I spent Sunday and Monday moving 90% of the furniture out of the room so there would be space for the wood itself. (In the picture above, you can see the wardrobe that we purchased for the room. It'll be moved out before the carpeting is installed.

"Schnauzers don't like change! We're not happy!"
Monday night, Vicky and Jay arrived with their truckload of wood and Jay and I moved it upstairs, except for some pieces we put in the garage. (they are for the work being done later on in the Den.)

The room does have the best view.
So, the bookshelves will be installed tomorrow and Sunday, all things being equal. The panelling will be put up between Xmas and New Year and the work in the Den in 2017. Jo and I have spent this week, putting an initial coat of paint on the wood to be used for the shelves and we still have to paint the room, itself. I've actually been permitted to help, as Jo says, "you don't have to paint between the lines so no harm done.".. :)

So there you go, a teaser for the final product. I can't wait!! I hope to provide an update after the first day's work is complete. We'll see how tired we are. lol.. I also am very excited to see which shelves I'll be provided for books. *rubs his hands together with glee!

I'm hoping in the next few days as well to start listing some of my favourite books of 2016, my normal end year kind of post. I hope everybody is enjoying getting ready for the Christmas holidays. Best wishes from me and mine to you and yours.

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