Friday, 26 June 2015

Preparing for Retirement?

It's 9 a.m. 26 Jun 2015 and I'm relaxing on the deck in my back yard, reading The Moon and Sixpence by W. Somerset Maugham and enjoying the fresh air and the sunshine dappling the trees and thinking a bit about life. I'm obviously off today, winding down my Class A Reserve time for another month (this means I've been working 14 days a month). In July I start full-time employment for another 2 and a half months, then from mid -September until 10 November, when I retire, I will be back to working part-time.

The back yard on a sunny morning
I started my Friday off about 6 a.m. with a short morning walk with the dogs. They objected to being awakened but I do like my morning routine. Jo was asleep, having finally fallen asleep a couple of hours before. The dogs had a small breakfast after their walk, then headed back to bed with Jo while I went for a morning run. I prefer running in the morning, less traffic and it's kind of peaceful. After my shower, it was about 7:30 and since it was nice and bright, I thought I'd make a pot of coffee and headed out to the deck. The dogs followed me down but decided that it was still much too early and Clyde headed back to bed with Jo. Bonnie stayed for a little bit, shared my digestive biscuits (3 as per my fashion) and then she headed back upstairs too. Because she can't or won't jump onto the bed, she probably curled up in her own bed.

The rest of the deck and our little rose garden down below
While the rest of the family slept, I gathered the books I'm currently enjoying and settled into one of our deck chairs and enjoyed the morning, my coffee and my reading. Of course, in the winter, I'll have to enjoy this past-time either with a lie-in in bed or on the couch downstairs, but I think I can handle that. A morning run two or three days a week, and then a relaxing couple of hours of reading to start the day, maybe followed by a Blog entry, then at 11ish, the dogs get another walk and then lunch. Sounds pretty darn perfect.

Morning visitors checking to see if there are snacks left over (No)
Around 9, I had visitors, who are adjusting to what might become a new routine. They are used to having a long lie-in with Mom in the morning while they wait for me to come home for lunch. Still not sure how to adjust when I don't go to work. Of course, Clyde missed snacks because he decided to go back to bed rather than wait. But they did receive a carrot slice each. They look very sharp now that they've received their summer haircut from Leela. Pictures to follow.

Our yappy bundle of nerves, Clyde, quiet for the moment
As I write this, Clyde is curled up on a pillow beside our computer table in the den. They were outside just a short time ago, making sure there were avian interlopers in the back yard. This is one of their self-directed responsibilities, another being to bark at the neighbours anytime they come near the back yard.

Our lovely lady, Bonnie, always so serious.
Bonnie is probably lying down on the half landing, either licking her back feet or keeping an eye on the front door making sure we don't get any intruders.

So anyway, if this is what retirement will be like, I think I'll enjoy it. Another half hour of reading, hoping to finish my Maugham book, then it'll be time to take the dogs out. Enjoy your weekend!

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