Thursday, 18 December 2014

Top Ten Lists - Songs from my USB for the 2000's

Had another nice day, even though the weather has turned pretty wet and miserable since noon. The base had it's annual Xmas party; as we call it Sticky Floors. Each section has their own little party, people wander around visiting other sections, just a relaxing afternoon. I left a little early so got to spend some quality time with the missus and the puppies. Now we're relaxing after dinner; the dogs are resting again after running around with their toys; Jo is watching Blue Bloods and I'm about to post my Top Ten additions to my USB in 2014 for the 2000s (the Oughties?). So many good songs from this period, but I'm pretty happy with my artist/ song choices.

So here we go -

10. Delta Goodrem - In This Life - Two of my last three artists from the '90s were Aussie singer / songwriters. Starting off the '00s with another Australian. This song came out in 2007 and was Number 1 in Australia. I had a couple of others of her songs as possibilities; Innocent Eyes and Sitting On Top of the World, but I like how this song builds. Her voice gets stronger as the song progresses.

9. Anastacia - I'm Outta Love - You may have noticed over the past couple of decades worth of songs that I'm partial to strong female vocalists. I love the variety and I love their voices. Anastacia is an American singer/ songwriter who has released six albums since 2000. The song I'm Outta Love came from her debut album and was very popular throughout Europe. It's an upbeat, powerful dance song, love it.

8. Rilo Kiley - Portions of Foxes - Rilo Kiley were an American indie band formed in LA in the late '90s. Portions of Foxes was released in 2008. The sound does remind me of other bands; although I can't think of any specific names at the moment. I like the guitar and the beat.

7. Mandy Moore - In My Pocket - It was only recently that I discovered Mandy Moore's music. I had a couple of possibilities for this selection, both quite different. Have a Little Faith in Me is a lovely ballad, but I do lean towards the upbeat and I do like the Middle Eastern feel of In My Pocket.

6. Caro Emerald - A Night Like This - One of my favourite singers over the past two or three years has been Dutch singer Caro Emerald. She has found a niche for herself with a great jazzy sound. She's kind of quirky, but I love her voice and I love her music. The instrumentation for this song is quite simple, a plinky piano with a nice bass beat. A throw back to an earlier time. :0) Enjoy.

5. Beverley Knight - Come as You Are - A very talented lady, Beverley Knight is a singer, songwriter, record producer, radio presenter.... whew.. I had a couple of songs lined up, Come As you Are and another of her hits of the '00s, Shoulda Woulda Coulda.. I like the rock sound of Come As You Are; Knight is another great female singer.

4. Girls Aloud - Love Machine - I didn't know anything about Girls Aloud, other than that they were a girl group, until Kimberley Walsh appeared on Strictly Come Dancing and quickly became one of my favourite celebrity contestants. That same year, the group released Something New and performed it the BBC's Kids in Need special. Since then I've checked out their music and have enjoyed a few of their songs very much. I love how the vocals are coordinated. Every lady is a great singer and each one brings a unique quality to the group. Love Machine is an upbeat song; finger snapping good and I like the video as well.

3. Agnes Carlsson - Release Me - My last female performer for my '00 selections is Swedish singer, Agnes Carlsson. I'm sure I've heard this song before, but it was only recently that I became aware of it again. I do love her voice in this; it suits the orchestral feel to the song. One of those excellent songs that give me chills. I like how it changes pace and feel.

2. Bernhoft - Streetlights - Staying in Scandinavia, but moving across to Norway for my next song. This was another new discovery for me. It has a definite Jamiroquai sound to it, jazzy, funky, excellent song.

1. Shaun Escoffery - Days Like This - Finishing off the '00s with a soulful, R&B sound (it should be right up Jo's and her sister, Sue's street). Shaun Escoffery is a British R&B singer, with an awesome voice and sound. Great song.

So there you have my Top Ten USB songs of the '00s. I hope you like them as much as I do. Next will be the 2010s to finish off the music category..

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