Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Top Ten Lists - Songs from my USB for the '90s

Yesterday I listed my top ten new songs (discovered by me during the past year) from the '80s. Today my list will be artists/ songs from the '90s. There are a couple of repeat artists but, of course, I can't stop them having hits in two decades.. :0) (As before, if you want to listen to the song, click on the song title.)

10. Sonique - It Feels So Good - This is a relatively new song to my USB, one I heard only recently. However, it caught my attention immediately and I can blame my missus for my new found attraction to this House/ Dance music. This song came out in 1998 and was a number 1 in the UK and popular throughout Europe and the USA.

9. Swing Out Sister - Am I the Same Girl - I featured Swing Out Sister in my Top Ten of the '80s. I think I prefer this song, it gets under my skin. Great singer and a nice Big Band sound.

8. Edwyn Collins - A Girl Like You - I did feature Edwyn Collins in my Top Ten for the 80s. He was the lead singer of Orange Juice, which had a hit with Rip It Up. He pursued a solo career since 1985 and in 1994 had a hit with this cool, funky song. I like the drum beat.

7. Lisa Stansfield - Live Together - Lisa Stansfield is one of those singers I discovered only through my relationship and marriage with Jo. Stansfield is an English singer from Manchester who has had a prolific career but who had basically passed me by until the past few years. And I've got to thank Jo and her sister Sue for introducing me to new music and exploring different sounds, especially from the UK. I love Lisa Stansfield's jazzy, bluesy sound and she has such a wonderful, powerful, but clear sound. This song came out in 1990. I love it and everything I have heard from this talented artist.

6. Voice of the Beehive - Monsters and Angels - I also featured Voice of the Beehive in my 1980 selections. I do like their sound. I think I prefer Don't Call Me Baby from the '80s, but this song is a close second.

5. Everything But the Girl - Driving - It seems that a few of my selections are on the cusp of the '90s. This next selection was also release in 1990. Everything But the Girl was an English duo made up of lead singer Tracey Thorn and guitarist and pianist, Ben Watt. I have to admit that she sounds a bit like Lisa Stansfield. I like this song very much, jazzy, cool.

4. Karyn White - Romantic - Karyn White is listed as a New Jack swing singer, if you know what that is. At any rate, this is a great soulful song, reminiscent of Janet Jackson and Vanessa Williams, I think. It was one of her most successful songs, ranking number 1 in the US.

3. Vanessa Amorosi - Absolutely Everybody - Jo introduced me to this song by Australian singer / songwriter Vanessa Amorosi. It was used for the closing ceremonies of the Sydney Olympics. Lovely upbeat positive song. Almost makes me want to get out onto the dance floor. :)

2. Tina Arena - Chains - I'm sticking in the land down under for my 2nd last song, another great female artist, Tina Arena. Another great voice and a great pop ballad. I love how it builds, great song, gives me chills.

1. Belinda Carlisle - Summer Rain - I used to like the Gogos very much, loved their beat and their harmonies. Over the past couple of years, I've discovered how many excellent songs Belinda Carlisle released as a solo artist. This song has quickly become one of my favourite ever songs. I love the orchestral elements, the song itself, her voice. And I have to say, she has the most beautiful hair. (silly, eh?) This is beautiful, heartfelt song that strikes me to the core. Oooh, those violins again.. Beautiful.

So there you go, my Top Ten from the '90s. What do you think?


  1. More great choices..
    I'm glad you think I've been such a positive influence.
    You've done the same for me too. :D

  2. It's been a mutual pathway, sweetie. :0)


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