Friday, 4 August 2017

New Books and the Pop Culture Challenge

Just a quick entry today. Another hot day ahead of us and I want to take the pups out before it gets too hot. We have spent most of the past week hiding indoors in front of fans... Big sucks, eh? So here you go..

New Books

Yesterday I dashed out to pick up a few things at Extra Foods and when I arrived everybody was standing out in the parking lot due to a fire alarm that had gone off. So instead of joining them, I wandered over to Nearly New Books to take a look around in their air conditioned shop before I went back to shopping. And, lo and behold I did find a couple of books worth trying.

1. The Siege Winter by Ariana Franklin and Samantha Norman. I enjoyed Franklin's historical mystery series about the Mistress of the Art of Death, about a female forensic scientist/ doctor, Adelia, set during the reign of Henry II. The four books were all excellent, great mystery, great characters and interesting stories. Franklin died before she finished The Siege Winter, set in 1141. Her daughter, Samantha Norman finished the book from her mother's notes.

" England, 1141. King Stephen and the Empress Matilda vie for the crown. In this dangerous world, a depraved monk kidnaps an eleven-year-old peasant and leaves her for dead. When Gwil finds Emma, she has no memory. An archer for hire, he dresses her as a boy, names her Penda, and teaches her to use a bow. Together they make their way to the small but strategic fortress of fifteen-year-old Maud, who has tempted fate by giving shelter to the empress."

2. The Guardians by Andrew Pyper. So far, I have read two books by Canadian writer, Andrew Pyper, Lost Girls and The Killing Circle (I preferred the latter). They fall into the mystery / thriller / horror genre, basically. Entertaining page turners. I was happy to find another of his books at the store.

"Trevor, Randy, Ben and Carl grew up together in the small town of Grimshaw as many boys do - playing hockey on the local team, the Guardians, and forging friendships that run deep. Twenty - four years later, Trevor, recently diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and faced with his own mortality, learns that his old friend Ben has committed suicide. He returns to Grimshaw to pay his respects and to reunite with Randy and Carl.
 But going home means going back to the memories of a sinister crime that occurred in the abandoned house at 321 Caledonia Street - a crime that claws its way into the present, leaving its indelible mark on everyone."

3. Hunting Season by Andrea Camilleri. Italian writer, Camilleri, is a new writer for me. I have meant to try his Inspector Montalbano mystery series as I've heard many good things about it. For now I'll try this standalone historical mystery. It's described as a bawdy, historical mystery. You can always use a bit of bawdy in your life.. ;0)

"In 1880s Vigata, a stranger comes to town to open a pharmacy. Fofo turns out to be the son of a man legendary for having a magic garden stocked with plants, fruits and vegetables that could cure any ailment. - a man who was found murdered years ago. Fofo escaped, but now has reappeared looking to make his fortune and soon finds himself mixed up in the dealings of a philandering local marchese set on producing an heir, and surrounded by a string of highly suspicious deaths."

4. Blood Relatives by Ed McBain. I've enjoyed the first two books in McBain's 87th Precinct series very much. The Pusher is next on my list but I was pleased to find another of the series at the store. My search continues.

"Saturday night was party night on the Precinct. Hurrying home in the rain, two teenage girls sheltered in the hallway of an empty tenement.
The perfect backdrop for a knife - carrying sex attack. Seventeen year-old Muriel was stabbed to death and her cousin Patricia got away with a slashed cheek.
When she ran into the station house, Kling watched the bloody hand-prints appear on the glass-panel door.
A messy start to a case that got messier - every time Patricia changed her story."

The Missus's Pop Culture Challenge

Today I'll continue with Day 11 and 12 of the challenge.

Day 11 - Favourite ever comedy program TV or Radio.  I picked my favourite from my earlier years, Get Smart, starring Don Adams as Agent 86, great, funny show. Since everybody was picking two or more shows, it being such a popular category and very wide-ranging, I also picked one a bit more current, Seinfeld, the show about nothing. Both excellent shows. Jo picked Dinner Ladies, a series she introduced me to, quite fantastic, the best in British humour. She also picked Modern Family, another show we both enjoy immensely. A few other picks included The Two Ronnies, Only Fools and Horses, Father Ted, Third Rock from the Sun, The Big Bang Theory, etc. As I said, a very popular category. Everybody likes a good laugh.

Day 12 - Favourite Animated Movie. I chose The Lego Movie, 'Everything is Awesome!!!'. Other picks included Wall-E, The Aristocrats, Despicable Me, Shrek, A Scanner Darkly, etc.

Today's was a bit of a thoughtful category, A film you think every 15 year old should be forced to watch. More about that next entry.

So have a great weekend and stay cool.

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