Sunday, 18 June 2017


My Dad is front row middle, we believe.
As a young man, during WWII, my Dad joined the Royal Canadian Navy. After the war, he returned to his home town of Timmins, Ontario and began working in the gold mines up there.
Such a handsome couple
He met my Mom, Edith, who lived down the road in Kirkland Lake and they were married. After my older brother, Rick and my sis, Christine, were born, my Dad decided that he needed more job security than the mines could offer so he rejoined the military, this time the Royal Canadian Air Force.
In Chatham, NB, I think. Looks like our PMQ.
He spent another 20+ years in the Air Force. We got to travel around Canada; Bagotville, Que, Chatham, NB and then back to Ottawa and North Bay, Ontario. In between we also managed 3 years in Germany, an excellent time.
My Dad and Mom retired in North Bay, Ontario, strangely this was where he started his Air Force career and he lives there still, with my sister.

We're all very proud of Dad. Along with my Mom, they raised 4 good kids (so say I) and we've had a great life.
From your kids!

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