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A Little Bit of History continued

Taking a quick break to post this and then it's down to work on Income Taxes, laundry and all the good things in life.. :)

Continuing my exploration of Great Historical Events in the 1885 publication, Treasures of Use and Beauty, I move onto the explorations of Cortez and his interaction with Montezuma.

1519. Cortez commissioned with 600 men to explore and conquer Mexico. He receives a letter from the officers of Montezuma, the Mexican monarch inquiring the object of his visit. Cortez assures Montezuma of his friendly intentions by sending him presents...
August 30. - Cortez plants a colony at Vera Cruz and renounces his allegiance to Cuba; November 8. - Cortez enters the city of Mexico by invitation of Montezuma; December 4. - Cortez cowardly betrays the confidence of Montezuma, makes him prisoner in his own capital, burns his son and five officers in a fire made with weapons taken from the armory..
1520. Through fear of Cortez, Montezuma surrenders his supremacy to the King of Spain
March 31. - Patagonia discovered by Fernando Magalhaens (Magellan). De Alyon discovers Carolina, kidnaps some of the natives and carried them into bondage.
July 8. - The Mexicans make a general onslaught on the Spaniards and drive them from the city...
November 7. - Magellan ascends the straits which have since been named after him...
1521. April 28. - Reinforced with ships from Hispaniola, Cortez again attacks the City of Mexico; July 3. - He destroys the principal part of the city, but is repulsed by the Mexicans; July 27. - Cortez renews the attack and August 13 the Mexicans surrender...
1522. After three years and twenty - one days, Sebastian del Cano, commander of one of Magellan's ships (The Victory) sails round the world, being the first person who ever circumnavigated the globe...
October 15. - The government of Spain appointed Cortez Governor of New Spain (Mexico). He rebuilds the Capital, enslaves the Indians and compels them to work in the mines...
Bermuda Islands discovered by Juan Bermudez.
1523. Cortez sends Padro Alvarado to conquer Central America, and in two years he subdues the whole country.
1524. North America explored by Verazzani who calls it New France...
Cortez orders sixty Caziques and four hundred Nobles burned at the stake at one time..."
(Ed note... Cortez definitely not bringing the best qualities of any human in his conquering of Mexico and Central America. Caziques or Caciques were Montezuma's chiefs...)
Next section will continue this Spanish exploration and others, but featuring Pizarro and the Conquest of Peru. 
Miscellaneous Letters by Eminent Persons
Today's correspondence was written in 1880 by John G. Whittier, an American Quaker poet and advocate for the abolition of slavery in the United States of America. The letter is written to R.S. Rantoul, who, if I'm correct was one of the sons of Robert Rantoul Jr, an American lawyer and politician from Massachusetts.
"R.S. Rantoul, Esq.
Danvers, Second month, 11th, 1880
I am not able to accept they invitation to attend the meeting tomorrow. I need not say I fully approve of its object. There may possibly be some differences of opinion as to the legislation needed for the relief of Ireland, and as to the share which unjust laws, oppressive landholders, and unthrifty tenants have had in producing the present distress, but the important fact to us is, that there is great suffering, and that we are called upon to relieve it at once. It is an exigency which cannot wait for the slow remedies of wiser legislation, and social and industrial reforms. Starvation cannot be argued with; the gaunt spectre cannot be laid by speeches and resolutions. We must share our abundance of bread with the hungry. We are one great brotherhood, children of Him whom our ancestors truly called the All-Father, and it is not for us to ask the old question of Cain: "Am I my brother's keeper?" Whenever and wherever men, women and children suffer we are bound, irrespective of any considerations of nationality, creed, class or color to relieve them. Massachusetts has never failed to respond to the call of need, and now, as heretofore, I doubt not the blessing of those who are ready to perish will come upon her. I am truly thy friend,
John G. Whittier"
So there you go, my History entry for today. Not much else to say at the moment. Enjoying my first books of April. The missus and I also enjoyed watching the World Figure Skating championships which were held in Finland this year. (We weren't there, of course, but coverage here wasn't too bad). Canada will be well-represented at next year's Olympics.
Enjoy your Sunday and keep on reading!!

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