Sunday, 26 February 2017

Some Odds and Sods

We're still getting the odd snowfall

It's getting near the end of Feb and I'll shortly be updating my monthly reading (going pretty well so far) and my monthly purchases (yes I've bought a few books), but I just wanted to provide an update on what's been going on.

Early this morning but it's been sunny all day so the trees are now bare
Starting off with a normal Canadian synopsis of the weather... I've posted a few photos of this past winter. We've had more snow this year than any I can think of since I moved to the Comox Valley in 2001. It had all pretty well disappeared in the past weeks except for a pile still on the road from where the plow deposits it when he cleans the close. Thursday last week we had an overnight snowfall but it disappeared the next day. Yesterday the missus and I had a lovely day out, went for brekkie and then a wander around downtown Courtenay. It was sunny and warm. Of course, last night it started snowing and was still going strong when I took the dogs out at 5:30 in the a.m. But it's been sunny ever since. It was so warm the snow was falling off the trees like a rainfall. Very neat.

This fella visited the other day
My little bird feeder outside the den is a popular place. Yesterday there was a huge red crested woodpecker eyeing the bird seed. The picture above is an old one but I think it might be the same fella or at least one of his cousins. Scary looking bird..

It's a dog not a sheep.. :)
I took the dogs to the cleaner this past week as well. They were beginning to look like sheep, as you can see from Clyde who is providing me advice above on the proper way to install a door knob on our extra bedroom door.

Bonnie (Sheep #2) checking the new carpeting
Bonnie looked much the same, adorable but shaggy. Fortunately, our groomer had a vacancy on very short notice so on Friday, I took them to the cleaner and they returned looking very nice and clean and groomed. (pictures will follow in next BLog I think)

The master bedroom as a temporary warehouse
From the above pictures, as well, you can see that we have finished painting and also had the new carpet installed. The remaining bedrooms have been storage rooms but we have now pretty well moved all of the furniture back into the room above the garage.

My crafty wife making the window seat
Still some touching up and sorting out to do but it's looking great. Jo found some red material that she decided she wanted to use to add a splash of colour to the extra bedroom; so it's now covering the window seat and the headboard on the bed.

Furniture being moved back in. The room looks totally new
I've slowly been moving books back in and starting to fill the shelves. Still lots of room there. We've got rid of some of the furniture, some will move to other rooms, some we'll sell. There are two new chairs that we had purchased for the kitchen but they ended up being too big. But as you can see, they are perfect for the bedroom.

Still lots of room for more books and other stuff
We will probably switch dressers, move the one from one of the other bedrooms to this room and maybe just sell the one in the extra bedroom. It's one of the last remaining items of my life before I moved here. Anyway, we're progressing nicely. The study has the shelves filled and looks great. This bedroom is 90% done. Next week, Jay and Vicky are coming to do some work in the front hallway. We will be replacing the carpet in the den and probably the lounge and dining room. And Jo is excited about remodelling the small bedroom that has basically become a storage room into a work room for her personal use.

So there you go, more to follow as we fill the shelves and such. Following entries I'll focus on books once again. Exciting, eh? Have a great day!

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