Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Recovering from Christmas... :0)

Christmas gets harder every year, doesn't it Clyde?
I'm sitting at my desk, with a nice cup of coffee and enjoying the last apple strudel that we got from a local restaurant just before Christmas. It was a lovely day, even if we did eat too much. The missus' turkey was outstanding and the fixings very yummy.

This year's tree
We just had a nice, relaxing day. I headed back to bed after taking the dogs out at 0530. We slept in until mid-morning. Then I made a pot of coffee and a cuppa for Jo and we enjoyed that and some croissants while we Skyped with our daughter, Jennifer.

Finally around 1030, we got in touch with Jo's sister, Susan, in England and Skyped with her and her hubby, Robbo, while we opened our gifts. (As you can see from the above video, the puppies had lots of fun unwrapping their gift. Clyde likes to tear apart the wrapping and Bonnie likes the toy) I do have to say that it's been a wonderful way of keeping in touch with family far and distant. I also called my Dad and had a nice talk with him.

Everything is unwrapped, now we relax.
After that we relaxed for awhile, watched the annual Christmas The Good Life. Jo started putting together the fixings for our Christmas dinner, with a bit of help from me. As I mentioned earlier, dinner was super, one of Jo's best.

Tell me if you see a theme with some of my gifts.
We spent the rest of the evening on the couch, stuffed and satisfied, nibbling on our Xmas sweets. PBS had the Xmas Call the Midwife special, in which the Midwife went to South Africa to help out a medical clinic. As always, we laughed and cried with the show, one of the best on TV.

Do you see the theme now? Are they trying to tell me something?
We had planned to go out about town a bit on Boxing Day, but it was a rainy, damp day and we decided instead to settle on the sofa and just relax and spend the day with each other. It was a great idea. We watched a couple of Only Connects (best game show we've ever enjoyed). It was nice too as we didn't really have any formal meals; well, except for lunch, which was our traditional left-overs from the past couple of days. Then we basically grazed when we felt like it, had a drink, read, checked the computer a bit. The missus was a bit saddened by the death of George Michael. So many musicians have passed away this past year. *sigh*

Our carpenter, Vicky, made this, a neat wooden book. (see the theme now?)
We did enjoy a couple of shows in the evening; Travelers, starring Eric McCormack, a Science Fiction show that has grabbed our interest; the Royal Variety Show for 2016 and a funny little throw-in documentary with Alexander Armstrong and his brother-in-law, Giles Coren, who spent the hour searching for the 12 drinks of Christmas. Lots of good fun.

Merry Christmas!
For all the bad news that's occurred over the past 12 months, it was nice to bring 2016 to an end, just sharing the holidays with my wife, Jo, and our puppies. We enjoyed each others' company and just being together. Perfect Christmas for me.

So there you go, my final thoughts on Christmas. Back to talking about books next time; my end year summary, my look at the first books I plan to read in 2017, my December purchases, all those good things.

Enjoy the rest of your holidays, wherever you might be. Best wishes for 2017.


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