Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Home Renos (AKA New Bookshelves) Part 2

The pups and I checking out the first day of work results
Jay and Vicky of Spinning Compass are just in the process of finishing their initial job, that being setting up the built-in bookshelves in our extra bedroom above the garage. A couple of days ago, I posted some initial photos and what our upcoming renovation plans entailed.

All framed in and you can see the yellow we plan for the upper half of the wall
Jo and I put some initial paint on the wood that was going to be used for the job and also started painting the walls as the next job, just after Christmas, will be to put new moulding along the walls to make it look a bit more substantial. I know the terminology is incorrect but I think you get my idea. We also tried a yellow paint that will replace the blue in that room. We want to brighten the room up. It looks pretty good. You'll get a much better idea of it when we do it of course. That should be done before Vicky and Jay return after Christmas.

Vicky and Jay hard at it.
We've been very impressed with the quality of their work. They are meticulous and patient with the work. The house isn't new so what with settling and all that, they've had to take their time getting all the joints fitting smoothly and such. Considering Vicky was sick on Monday, they've come back and worked very had yesterday and today. Today this job should be complete. I've noticed them cutting the trim and installing that.

Barky1 and Barky2 have kept a close, noisy on Vicky and Jay
All that will remain is for us to finish painting the shelves and for Jo to make a new cushion for the window seat that we will now have. I think Clyde might like sitting on that and barking at the neighbours.

Just a quick update. I'll post more photos tomorrow of the finished product. I can't wait to put some books on the shelves. :0)

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