Saturday, 17 December 2016

2016 Top Ten Lists - #9

Continuing with my post from yesterday, below are my song and book selections for #9 of 2016.

Number 9

 Song Selection

Tony Momrelle is another new artist for me. He is a British R&B and jazz singer and is also one of the lead singers in the band Incognito, a group I also like very much.  Come and Get It is one of his solo releases, from his album, Keep Pushing. (Click on the song title to hear it.)

Book Selection

I've enjoyed the P.G. Wodehouse books I've previously read. Jeeves and Wooster are classics of humour and excellent stories. The Man With Two Left Feet and Other Stories was first published in 1917 and contains a number of excellent short stories. This was my review of the book.

"I have to say this is a perfect little book. As I wondered what to rate it, I thought, 'well, they're nice stories, they make me feel good, they are perfectly written.....' It has to be 5-stars.
I've read a few of Wodehouse's books, particularly enjoy the whimsy of his Jeeves and Wooster stories. This collection contains one story involving Bertie Wooster, in which Bertie is sent to New York to extricate his cousin from an impending marriage with a 'dance-hall' girl. For once Jeeves play almost no role and we see Bertie at his very best. It left me feeling very happy.
The stories, for the most part, deal with relationships and you tend to leave the stories with a positive view on life. I particularly enjoyed The Mixer, two stories told from the perspective of 'the dog', in which the dog moves through life happily affecting the people around him and, for all his mishaps, landing on all four feet.
Just a joy to read and I highly recommend. (I even liked the cover of this Penguin edition, with illustration by Ionicus.)"

There you go for today. Number 8 will be posted tomorrow, if the renovation work doesn't distract my too much.

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