Monday, 28 July 2014

Currently Reading - Jul 2014

Just a quickie today on this hot, July 28th, to mention the three books I plan to finish off July with. All are crime novels, one a US thriller set in Atlanta, one a Norwegian thriller, but with the setting in Thailand and finally a true crime novel from 1965.

1. Triptych by Karin Slaughter - Karin Slaughter is well-known for her Grant County, Georgia series of crime novels, featuring pathologist Sara Linton and her husband. This book is the first in the Will Trent series, introducing GBI agent Trent to Slaughters fans. I'm well into the story at the moment and finding it very interesting. It focuses more on John Shelley, a paroled convict who finds himself in the midst of a serial killers crime wave while he has been trying to get his life back in order. Also in the story are Atlanta detective, Michael Ormerod, with a past of his own and Vice cop, Angie Polaski, who has her connections to all three persons. Interesting, tense story, gritty and with many twists and turns. It's been awhile since I've picked up a Slaughter mystery and I'm glad I did.

2. Cockroaches by Jo Nesbo - This is my third Harry Hole mystery, Harry Hole being a Norwegian Police inspector. I've previously read Redbreast and, most recently, Nemesis, and enjoyed both stories. This is an earlier Hole mystery, the second in the series and it finds Inspector Hole being sent to Thailand to help Thai authorities investigate the murder of the Norwegian ambassador in suspicious circumstances; those circumstances being found with a knife in his chest in a hotel known for prostitution. Harry finds himself working with a female Thai/ American investigator and her two assistants and trying to understand the workings of both Thai society and police work. Very interesting story so far and I'm enjoying as much as the other two I've previously read.

3. In Cold Blood by Truman Capote - This is new story for me. I've not previously seen the movie, but I did see the two films based on Capote's investigation of the crimes in Kansas as he prepares to write this story. I'm just getting into it so far, but finding his writing style very clear and straight forward. The story is in the earliest stages, as we are introduced to the Clutter family of Holcomb Kansas and the two protagonists, Dick and Perry who are making their way to Holcomb. I know there is a violent murder involved, but other than that, will be most interested in seeing how Capote reports it. :)

So there you go, a quickie update. Coming up in the next few days my review of July and look ahead at August's potential choices.

Enjoy the rest of your July!

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