Sunday, 5 January 2014

Looking Ahead, Next Reads

I'm enjoying 2014 so far. I'm still working on my first two books, but I've got a couple lined up for my next couple of reads.

Bed Time Reads

I planned to read two Agatha Christie stories to start off my night-time reads. I'm currently reading The Murder of Roger Ackroyd and enjoying very much. I have a few extra Christie mysteries on my bookshelf to choose from; The Seven Dials Mystery, Peril at End House, and They Came to Baghdad to name a few. I've decided my next book will be a Tommy and Tuppence mystery, N or M? which was originally published in 1941. I've enjoyed the couple of TV mysteries which featured the Tuppence's so want to see how Christie presented them in her books. The synopsis of this story is as follows -

"The war has not changed Sans Souci, the prim seaside boarding house; it is still patronised by retired army men, gossipy old ladies and young people in love. But one of them is a spy: the leader of the 'fifth column' of highly-paced traitors who will seize power when Hitler invades England. So the irrepressible Beresfords, Tommy and Tuppence, come to live at Sans Souci..."

Alphabetical Mystery Writers Challenge

I finished off 2013 with this challenge, reading Mo Hayder's, Birdman, which I quite enjoyed. I may have to try others of her mystery fiction. I've decided to start 2014 with the next 'H' author before I drop to the bottom of the alphabet for my next pick. Next in line is Patricia Highsmith, American crime writer, who lived between 1921 and 1995. I've previously read her Strangers on a Train, an excellent psychological thriller. I've got others of her books on my bookshelf, Ripley Under Ground and This Sweet Sickness but I've decided to read Deep Water, her fifth novel, written in 1957. This is the synopsis -

"In the small town of Little Wesley, intellectual publisher Victor Van Allen decides to discourage his wife Melinda’s many lovers by hinting to them that he may have killed her previous beau, Malcolm McRae. However, the game turns sour when strangers begin to grow wary of him, thus denting his social esteem and also blurring the line between fiction and reality; after a while, Vic wonders if he may really have blood on his hands.

So there you have it, my probably next two selections. I'll keep you posted. Now back to reading In The Woods.

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