Sunday, 23 December 2012

Something Musical - Canadian Songs on my USB

For the Xmas before Sunday, a musical list this time. I've updated my USB stick a few times this past year. I love going for a drive and listening to it as a cruise along; it's always been a favourite thing to do. I hardly ever listen to the car radio these days; either Jo or I have our USB stick plugged in. That means it's all songs we both like. Well, for the most part anyway, we so have somewhat varying taste; that's what makes life interesting.

I thought I start by listing my Top Ten Favourite Canadian songs (They aren't necessarily new songs, but just those that I tend to like most when they are played).

1. Tegan and Sara - (This is a group that my daughter Jennifer introduced me too. This is a new song from them that I heard the other day when I did in fact have the radio on on the computer) - Closer

2. Bryan Adams - This is an old classic, a long-time favourite of mine. I love the soaring instrumenalization. Run To You

3. Rush - They've put out some of my favourite songs. This is a particular favourite.. Limelight

4. Nickelback - For all that they seem to be panned for their music, Nickleback pump out song after song that I can listen to easily and enjoy. I do like Chad Kroeger's voice. Trying Not To Love You.

5. Gino Vanelli - I'm kind of jumping back and forth here, newish song, then back for an older classic. At times I think Gino Vanelli sounds like David Bowie. This is a favourite. Black Cars.

6. Carly Rae Jepsen - What can I say, I like this girl's music. Call Me Maybe is probably my favourite song of the year, unless it's Good Time, that she sings with Owl City. I just don't get tired of listening to them. But of course, I'm going to pick a different song, one of her most recent. Curiosity. (I hope she can keep it up)

7. Cowboy Junkies - They formed in 1985. Margo Timmins has a haunting, sensual voice. My favourite song. A Common Disaster.

8. Matthew Good Band - Matthew Good had so many hits, both with his band or as a solo artist. Hello Time Bomb and Load Me Up come to mind immediately. Or this next song. Excellent stuff. Everything is Automatic.

9. Simple Plan. Moving up to more current music, this is song also features the wonderful vocals of Natasha Bedingfield. Jet Lag.

10. Northern Pikes. I love everything about this song, the beat, the guitar work, the vocals.. I never grow tired of it.. Teenland.

So there you have it, another list for 2012. I hope you enjoy the songs.. I do. :0)

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