Sunday, 30 December 2012

Music from my USB - Top Ten..ish songs..

I'm in the mood for a bit of Blogging this morning, especially since QPR is getting stonked 3-0 by Liverpool.. Maybe if I don't watch, they'll come back.

So I went through my USB stick and have picked my Top Ten songs, the ones I enjoy listening to no matter how many times they pop up. They are a mix of old and new; some of the older in time songs are still new to me as I've started listening to groups I had previously been unfamiliar with. I'll finish with three artists who have caught my attention this past while.

Lets go then.. (Click on the song name to listen to the song if you're so inclined)

10. Saving Jane (I heard this song a few years back and still think it's a great song. Have always loved it).. Girl Next Door.

9. Siouxsie and the Banshees. This is a group I always wanted to try, but never seemed to get any of their albums. I saw this song listed on one of the BBC 2 Radio shows and when I listened to it, it had such a haunting quality that I had to add it to my USB. Great song... Dear Prudence

8. Rebecca Ferguson. This another artist whose name I saw either on the Virgin Radio play list or on BBC radio. I tried the song and really liked it. Great voice. Just looking up Rebecca, she was a runner-up on X-Factor in the UK. Hope you like this song. Backtrack.

7. Michelle Branch. I've never grown tired of this song. Great lyrics, great music. It affects me in an emotional way. Love it. Breathe.

6. Carly Rae Jepsen w. Owl City (or vice versa). Carly Rae competed on Canada's Canadian Idol, not that I remembered it. But she had some hits and when I heard Call Me Maybe, she caught my attention. Great pop sensibilities and an interesting voice. This song is one of those perfect pop songs, teaming up with Owl City was no bad thing. I can listen to it over and over and love it when it comes up on my Walkman when I'm jogging. Good Time

5. The Stranglers. This is another group of which I wasn't familiar (to the shock of my missus). But when I heard this song recently, loved it and had to add it to my favourites. I love the key board. Golden Brown.

4. Of Monsters and Men. A friend of mine, Bob Chabot, posted this song on You Tube and I loved if from first listen. The group is from Iceland. I've since seen them perform on the Graham Norton Show. Quirky, interesting, great song. Little Talks.

3. Echo and the Bunnymen. Yup, another group from the '80s that I had never listened to. Heard this song recently, it reminded me of early U2, but also unique on its own. Very powerful vocals and music. Back of Love.

2. Nell Bryden. A new singer for me. I love her voice and the song is so thoughtful. The music just soars. Buildings and Treetops.


1. Girls Aloud. I'm not much for boy bands or girl bands, but Cheryl, Kimberley and the other girls performed this on Strictly Come Dancing this past year. It's the perfect pop song, hooks, changes of tonality, pace and each and every lady can sing wonderfully. I listen to it if I need a boost to start my day. Something New. (definitely a heart starter... )

Finally, I want to highlight three artists/ groups that have really attracted me; two new for me this past year and one group that I've loved since I heard them back when I was living in Victoria.

Firstly are The Overtones who it turns out are an English/ Irish/ Aussie vocal group formed in 2010. The first song I heard was Lovin the Sound and I really liked its upbeat quality, their smoothness (coolness) and their harmonies. I've since also downloaded Higher which is nicely different. Hope you like them too.

She's been around for awhile, but Paloma Faith is newish to me. I'm now seeing her on all sorts of shows and I love her voice and her music. I've got a couple of her songs on my USB, they are both beautiful. She's definitely quirky, but she can sing her socks off.. I hope you like Picking up the Pieces and 30 Minute Love Affair (I think I like this last the best.)

The Veronicas are an Australian group formed by twin sisters Jessica and Lisa Origliasso. The first song of theirs that I heard was Untouched. I heard it while driving through Victoria in rush hour and the orchestration grabbed hold of me and then the whole song, the rap quality, the pop beat. Such a great song and it started me searching for their music. They provide such variety, from pop songs to lovely ballads. Such a talent. Great music all. I've linked to some of my favourites here.

When I Falls ApartThis Love, Everything I'm Not and Leave Me Alone.. enjoy!

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