Friday, 1 October 2010

The Bible

My mother always said I was a voracious reader and she was right. My favourite story of hers was that she remembered me reading the bible at a very early age. I don't exactly remember getting through the whole Bible, but I do know I tried it out once. I got to a bit about so and so begatting so and so and it seemed to go on and on, not really my cup of tea at that age.

My parents' bible was lovely
though and had so much character. Mom let me take it a couple of years back. It's small and worn, but I wouldn't part with it.

Speaking of Bibles, I also have the Lutheran bible that her parents brought over from Germany when they emigrated to Canada after the first World War. Of course it's in German, but as you can see, also lovely.

My mother wasn't totally wrong with her story though. I do recall borrowing at least one of those illustrated Bible story books from the school library when I was a kid. There were always neat pictures and stories of the more exciting events from the Old Testament; always inspiring for a young boy and not necessarily in a religious context. I mean more that they were great adventure stories, very exciting with lots of action. How could the story of David and Goliath not be exciting!

We weren't a particularly religious family growing up. My mother made sure we went to church on a Sunday, but for me the best part of church was being able to buy the weekly Catholic church comic book. It was called Treasure Chest and as far as I remember it wasn't just religious stories. Here is a link to the wikipedia page, which describes it quite well.

Anyway, I think I've rambled on enough about this topic; we'll see what comes up next post.

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